BLAH, BLAH, BLAH (exhibitions, events and publications)

The Middle of Everywhere
Burren College of Art 20th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition

Opening reception Friday, July 18th 7pm
On display through August 8th
BCA Gallery, Ballyvaughan, Co Clare, Ireland

Then and Now

Opening reception July 4, 5-9:00pm
On display through July 26th
Arts and Culture Alliance
100 S. Gay St.


Opening reception October 4, 5-9 pm
On display through Oct. 26th
University of Tennessee Downtown Gallery
106 S. Gay St.  Knoxville, TN


Opening May 17, 7-10 pm
Curated by Beka Peralta & Joshua Jobb
ex-Arzobispado # 36-A, 
Col. Observatorio, Mexico City

Juried Regional Fine Arts Exhibition

Dogwood Arts Festival
Opening Reception Friday, April 5, 5-9:00pm
On display through April 26
Emporium Center for Arts and Culture
100 South Gay St. Knoxville TN

Hot Party

Light Grey Art Lab
Opening reception Friday, Feb 22, 7-10pm PST
On display through March 15
118 E 26th Street #101, Minneapolis, MN
Work can be purchased online here.

Art Takes Miami 2012 Design & Illustration category winner

online feature on See.Me
printed inclusion in the Art Takes Miami Catalog.

CON.TEXT, solo show

A1 @ Center for the Creative Mind
Opening Reception January 4, 6-10pm
Closing Jan 17, 7-9:00 pm-ish
On view by appointment Jan 4-17
23 Emory Place
Knoxville, TN

Five in One, curator

Roving Project @ the Weigel House
Saturday October 13
Opening Reception 6-10:00 pm-ish
2721 Asbury Lane
Knoxville, TN 37914


A1 @ Center for the Creative Mind
23 Emory Place
Opening reception Sept 7, 6-10:00pm
September 7-21

Interaction, invitational fundraiser

A1 @ Center for the Creative Mind
March 6-23
23 Emory Place
Knoxville, TN

Baggerlader, solo exhibition


511 E Belvedere Ave
on view by appointment starting Nov 21
Public reception Dec 9th, 6-10 pm
Baltimore, MD

Bella, Bruto

A1 @ Center for the Creative Mind
23 Emory Place
Public reception & fundraiser Dec 2, 6-10pm
Knoxville, TN


8 Shooters Gallery
Opening June 3, 2011, 6-10 pm
Knoxville, TN

Love and Things Like Love

Lexington Art League at the Loudon House, Lexington, KY
May 27 - July 9, 2011
Opening Reception May 27
Lexington Art League

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

A1 @ 8 Shooters Gallery
Opening May 6, 2011, 7:00
Knoxville, TN

Pop Saw the Need

Double Art Gallery
April 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

The Salvage Show

110 Gay St
April 1, 6-9 pm
Knoxville, TN

INDA 6, International Drawing Annual

Manifest, Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
Cincinnati, OH

Open Studio Night
17th Street Studios
Dec 9, 7-9pm
1642 Highland Avenue
Knoxville, TN

At the Altar

A1 @ 8 Shooters Gallery
Opening Nov 5, 6-10pm
Knoxville, TN

The Scary Show

A1 Lab Arts, Knoxville, TN
October, 2010

KY7 Biennial

Lexington Art League at the Loudon House, Lexington, KY
Septemper 11 - October 23, 2010
Public Reception September 24th

Oh, Ophelia

A1 Lab Arts, Knoxville, TN
August, 2010


Burren College of Art MFA Exhibition Extravaganva
Ballyvaughan, Ireland
Opening Reception April 17, 2010, 5:00pm
Ondisplay through April 27