My work is largely an interdisciplinary exploration of various social systems and habitual methods of perception.
It frequently manifests as comical interferences, mash-ups, cognitive glitches, and benign Zen-like pranks. I am interested in prying open and examining the fundamental constructs of sensations and their subsequent translations.

Familiar objects, places, words, and images that often bear personal significance are appropriated, recontextualized, and intensified to create a playfully dissonant sense of estrangement in order to catalyze the alteration of conceptual frameworks or rather, to rediscover deeper, intuitive means of understanding. It's the remix of a remix; umbrella.*

I aim to deliberately create blank, generously confrontational, absurd objects or experiences that beg for a reconsideration or more conscious awareness of what they appear to represent in reality. I'm continually fascinated by the metaphysical that exists within the mundane and wish to share my enthusiasm for the constant discovery of inherent abstractions that reveal themselves in ordinary, day to day experiences.

* It makes fun of itself.